Like many who have admired Apple’s accomplishments and rise to the top as the world’s premier consumer technology company in the wake of Steve Jobs’ passing, I’ve read a number of retrospectives on the progression of Jobs’ life.  In the course of reading I was struck with the thought that more than a few factors had to come together just so for Jobs to be able to change the world in more ways than one.

Consider that Steve Jobs:

  • Famously audited a calligraphy class in college that set the basis for the thinking that computers should have multiple font types
  • Was fired from Apple, formed Next, failed to succeed at Next but ultimately used the operating system created there as the basis for the new MacOs

To be sure, Steve Jobs was masterful at creating his own destiny, at seeing the future of technology and willing him and his company there.  But it’s hard to look at his life and accomplishments and not conclude that the stars lined up for him, or at the very least a fortuitous series of timely coincidences helped him along the way.

Why’s it matter, you ask? Well, perhaps it can serve as a reminder to us all to remain humble and remember that whatever success we are able to achieve was no doubt helped along the way by people and events that preceded the success.

RIP Steve Jobs.



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